Uncomplicate Your Life With corE


Uncomplicate Your Life with corE – A Program For Women

connection: Wiring properly the I-WORLD-ME-MINE syndrome
observation: Learning to be the Witness of Oneself
reflection: Exercising the power of skillful evaluation
Essence: Discovering the Principal that does not gain or lose to Interest

Techniques used
Energizing the limbs, breath regulation, Sound vibration, Visualization
Affirmations. Practical tips on Transformation and Healing. Prayers for
General Welfare

Vedanta, Kabbalah and Raja yoga

Program: 5 sessions – March 25, April 1, April 22, May 6 & May 27
Please wear comfortable clothing & refrain from fragrances
Time: 6 -7pm
Location: Mentor Me Cavanagh Recreation Center 426 8th St. in Petaluma
Fee: $100 for all 5 sessions. Vasanti is generously donating all of the fees to Mentor Me
Guide: Vasanti G. Jayaswal  Website: www.ambahouse.org    Contact: vasanti.jayaswal@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Signup: Online HERE or call Kim at Mentor Me 707-778-4798.