Serving youth ages 5-17 since the year 2001, Mentor Me currently has 250 active mentorships and nearly 90 youth on our waiting list. Trained adult mentors spend at least an hour a week with their mentees in Mentor Centers located on our partner school campuses, as well as at the Mentor Me Cavanagh Recreation Center. Mentor Centers are rooms on school campuses that provide a safe environment to foster trusting relationships between mentors and mentees. Our School Site Coordinators lead the mentoring programs at each school, managing the centers, recruiting mentors, accepting student nominations from teachers and counselors, meeting with parents and mentors, making mentor matches, and supervising mentorships.

Utilizing our Mentoring for Success Model, we strive to make all children feel safe to CONNECT with others and their community, feel empowered to GROW into their highest potential and feel moved to CONTRIBUTE their talents to build a more positive world.